Answering Services Could Help Personal Trainers Draw In More New Clients

Posted on: 28 May 2019

Letting voicemail record a missed call might be fine for most instances in your personal life, but business is another matter. Small business owners may run into trouble when unable to pick up a customer's call. Don't worry about not being able to pick up the phone at all times because a 24/7 phone answering service can. The right answering service can also help with answering unique questions a curious caller might present.
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Here's How Your Practice Could Benefit From A Medical Answering Service

Posted on: 14 May 2019

If you have a growing practice and it seems like your receptionist is always picking up the phone, you might benefit from a service that offers medical phone call answering. A medical answering service can, in fact, provide a number of benefits that will help your bottom line and your relationship with your patients. Here's why you might want to look into such a service today. Improve the Patient Relationship with After-Hour Phone Service
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2 Tips For Protecting Your Patient's Data During Digital And Physical Transfers To Various Medical Offices

Posted on: 10 April 2019

When you see patients at different office locations, you want to ensure that you keep their medical records and insurance information safe while transferring the data from one place to the next. If you are concerned with sticking to HIPAA's regulations to keep your patient files private, use the following tips when transferring the data both digitally and physically. 1.  Ensure You Use an Encrypted Server for Digital Transfers If you do most of your paperwork on the computer, including doctors' notes, test results, and insurance payment information, you may do most of your file transfers through email and cloud-based systems.
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Tips For Opening A Beauty Salon

Posted on: 22 March 2019

Due to looks playing an important role in many aspects of life, venturing into a career in the beauty industry can turn out to be very lucrative. There are a variety of services that you can offer customers in the beauty industry. However, it is important to make sure that you are able to provide the services in the most professional manner possible. Your career can go down the drain if you grow a reputation for doing low quality work, and it might even land you in a lawsuit in some cases.
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