Efficient Machines For Your Laundromat

Posted on: 25 July 2019

You know the drill. On most days, many of your customers either have to use a quarter machine that you had installed in your laundromat or personally ask you to make change for them. You are constantly on the premises to monitor the usage of your machines and to collect change from each one's receptacle. Then you have the "not so pleasant task" of converting the change into paper money. Why be burdened any longer? Purchase modern equipment that offers several payment options.

Purchase Or Finance New Efficiency Machines With Multiple Payment Options

Built-in card readers will eliminate the need to bring quarters to the laundromat and will limit the amount of times that you need to collect funds from the machines. You can opt for payments that include coins, debit or credit cards, or mobile wallets. This will prevent disruptions or the risk of customers leaving the laundromat if they forgot to bring any cash with them. 

Additionally, high efficiency washers and dryers utilize less water and detergent. This perk will be appreciated by you and your clients. Less consumption means fewer costs, and efficient models are reliable and not as likely to malfunction as the old models you currently have. And, since new machines will likely be covered by a warranty, you won't need to worry about maintenance any longer.

Monitor Your Sales And Offer Incentives

A mobile app that is affiliated with the card readers will allow you to keep tabs on how often your equipment is used. Do you notice that the equipment is in high demand on weekends or later in the day, or are there times that seem to be slow when nobody is using the equipment? The information that you collect will help you determine when to offer incentives and what type of rewards will be given.

Maybe you can begin a loyalty program, which involves allowing customers to receive a free wash and dry if they use your equipment for a set number of times. Another idea would be to offer discounted rates during the times that the laundromat tends to be empty.

These incentives will increase your sales, and even though you may be offering some free use of the machines or discounts, you will still raise money in order for the awards to be valid. The funds acquired will help you pay off your new laundry equipment and make it possible to purchase additional items that are needed to operate your business. When you're ready to make those purchases, reach out to a business that provides commercial laundromat equipment, such as Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. , for assistance finding the right pieces for your facility.


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