Self-Planning Your Funeral: Why?

Posted on: 18 October 2019

People are not always at ease when thinking of or talking about death. However, this lack of discussion can sometimes lead to no planning at all, which can not only be harder for those left behind but also be more expensive. Self-planning your funeral might seem like an odd or grim prospect at first, but after you think of the funeral issues below, you'll understand why it could be a great option.

Easing the Burden

If you've lost someone close to you, you already recognize the need for self-care during such a hard time. Your decision-making skills could be altered as you grieve. Choosing a headboard or coffin can be strenuous and you might desperately hope that someone else can handle things for a while. However, if you aren't self-planning for your funnel, loved ones could be left in that exact same position. They'll be scrambling to make arrangements instead of being close with relatives or coping with their own grief.

Self-planning, in contrast, can be soothing for relatives. Team up with a funeral home and tell close relatives the name of the place so they know who to contact.

Saving Relatives Money

No matter how much no one wants to think about money at a time when they've lost an important person in their lives, funerals do require a financial investment. Your relatives may feel driven to get you the best of things. They might get you the most expensive items because of their affection. Self-planning for your final affairs can spare them from overextending their finances when you pass on. You could literally save them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by selecting plots, urns, coffins, flowers, and similar items yourself.

Inviting Personal Friends

Think about it: does everyone in one part of your life know about everyone else? For instance, do your relatives know about every single person you come into contact with each day? When the future funeral happens without your planning, multiple people could be left uncontacted. An ex, the barista who makes your coffee just right or the person at the library who's always willing to talk might not make the invite list if your relatives are left to make arrangements for you. Self-planning ensures anyone important will know and be contacted about your funeral.

Being Respected

Taking control of final arrangements and working with a certain funeral home can ensure that whatever you'd like to see in your funeral is respected. The funeral director can hold on to specific instructions until they're needed; you won't have to worry that family members will turn your funeral into something you don't want. 


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