Knowing When To Hire A Home Inspector

Posted on: 25 June 2019

Having a house inspected can be important. If you are buying a house, it is important to know what you are getting for your money, and depending on how you are buying it, it may need more work than you think. Here are three situations that warrant a home inspection before you buy.

Buying a New Home

Even when you are buying a brand-new home, it is a good idea to have a home inspector come and look over the house. The contractor that built the home may have done everything right, but having it inspected to ensure that is the case is critical. Many finance companies and banks will not give you a loan without an inspection so you may not have an option.

If the bank does not require the inspection, you may want to talk to the real estate agent about it and see if the seller will pay for it in the deal or if you will need to pay it. In either case, the best way to know that everything is right and as it should be is to have an inspection and, if anything is amiss, to get the builder to fix it before proceeding.  

Buying an Older Home

If you are buying an older home, the inspection is not about catching small problems as much as it is about determining what work needs doing. Older homes will have problems unless the owner is very good at keeping up with home maintenance. The foundation, roof, plumbing, and electrical system all need inspecting for damage or potential problems in the future. While you can use the inspection to ask for repairs on older homes, the inspection is often less about the seller fixing things and more about the buyer negotiating a lower price for the property. 

Buying Abandoned or Foreclosed Properties

This is the toughest situation because a home that is abandoned is most likely going to be in rough condition. The owner walked away for a reason, and that may have been because of disrepair or financial reasons. Both cases translate to a home that was not well cared for. Have an extremely thorough inspection done on these homes because you never know what will turn up during the inspection.

Foreclosed properties suffer the same situation, but in some cases, the previous owner takes out their frustration by damaging the home to get back at the bank. Often these houses are available at a very low price because the bank wants them off the books, but make sure you go through with an inspector and make notes of everything wrong with the home. The bank will often negotiate a lower price just to unload the property, and in every one of these situations, the report of the home inspector will be the catalyst to get the negotiations going. 

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