Guide for Property Owners Choosing Flagpoles

Posted on: 17 June 2022

If you plan on displaying a flag on your lawn, you'll need to invest in a flagpole. You have a lot of options to choose from that vary in different ways. However, finding the perfect match is possible if you use this guide.

Choose an Appropriate Height

A factor you'll want to review pretty early on in this flagpole search is height. How tall do you want this flagpole to be around your property? Your decision will affect how visible your flag is and how your property's exterior looks as a whole.

What you can do to help you narrow in on an optimal flagpole size is visualize different height dimensions around your specific property. You can also look at pictures of various sizes next to standard objects so that you have a better representation of how tall each flagpole option is.

Make Sure the Winch System Has a Locking Mechanism

You may spend a lot of money on a flag that you're looking to display around your property. It's thus important to keep it secure. You'll feel good about this if you get a flagpole that has a lockable winch system. 

Once you raise the flag to the appropriate height on this pole, you can lock the winch system and ensure no one is able to take your flag down without your permission. You can find flagpoles with built-in lock compartments too so this aspect won't stick out at all.

Get Weatherproof Materials

Since this flagpole will be outside every single day and exposed to potentially harsh conditions from time to time, you need to ensure the materials aren't going to break down. You need something weatherproof so that this flagpole system holds up without requiring a lot of repairs or replacements.

Steel is a reliable material that's weatherproof. It's also going to give this pole added structural support, which you need because the winds may get pretty severe in your area. As long as the flagpole is properly set up by a licensed installer, you can feel secure about the steel flagpole lasting for years.

If you're looking to proudly display a flag on your property, you can purchase your very own commercial-grade titan flagpole. All you need to do is find a model that's well-built and durable. Then year after year, you'll be able to raise a flag around your home whenever you want and be happy with how it's supported. 


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