Is That Tree Stump In Your Yard Harmless?

Posted on: 22 April 2022

If you have a small tree stump in your yard, you may decide to leave the stump in place rather than remove it. You may even think the tree stump is harmless. But even if the stump is in a place far away from your home, the stump may not be as harmless as you may think. Learn more about tree stumps and why you want to remove them below.

Are Tree Stumps Harmless?

Although tree stumps appear harmless, they're not. Stumps still have roots attached to them. Tree roots can still grow underground, even without a tree attached to them.

Roots receive the stimulation they need to grow from leaves. Leaves supply roots with the food, or fuel, they need to grow and develop. Once you remove a tree's trunk, the roots should stop growing. However, some tree stumps still contain active, or alive, roots. The roots may still contain enough food inside them to make a tree stump grow.

Once roots become active, they stimulate a stump to sprout new leaves. The roots attached to a stump also become strong enough to grow. The newly strengthened roots can travel across your property until they reach your home. 

The best way to keep your tree stump from growing new leaves or roots is to remove it. 

Is There a Way to Remove a Tree Stump?

You want to remove your tree stump and its root system right away, especially if there's a water source in your yard. Some root systems can grow quickly in wet or damp conditions. You can remove the tree yourself, or you can have a stump removal company do it for you.

A stump removal company will want to examine the stump before they remove it. The examination can reveal several things about the stump, including the size and location of its root system. If the system is large, it may already be long enough to reach your home. A company will need to excavate the property around the root system to remove it. 

If the root system is small or close to the surface of your property, a company may only need to remove the stump from your yard. Once a company removes the stump, the root system should die completely. 

Don't wait until the stump in your yard sprouts new leaves or roots. Contact a stump removal company near you for more information. 


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