Tips When Cutting Mailing Tubes

Posted on: 22 June 2021

Whether you're using mailing tubes for traditional purposes or incorporating them into a DIY project, you may need to cut them. You can perform this customization with ease by following these cutting guidelines.

Mark Where You Need to Cut

If you want to cut in a precise way using manual cutting methods, then you should mark off the mailing tubes where you need to cut. Whether it's a horizontal cut or just a small vertical cut, marking them off will help you stay on course.

You can follow the lines that you draw and have better cutting results as opposed to free-hand cutting. Just make sure your markings show up clearly on the mailing tubes that you're customizing. Black markers work really well for seeing exactly what sections to cut into and cut off. 

Rely on a Box Cutter

Regardless of how thick or large your mailing tubes are, you're going to have much better cutting action if you rely on a box cutter. These cutting devices are extremely sharp so they shouldn't give you any trouble cutting into the tubes. You can cut into the mailing tube pretty much anywhere and continue your cuts based on what you're doing with the tubes.

Just make sure you activate the locking mechanism once the box cutter's blade is the right length. That way this tool won't pop back down while you cut. In addition, make sure you pull the blade back in when you're not cutting mailing tubes so that you don't get hurt. 

Use Clamps to Keep the Tubes in Place

You don't want there to be a lot of movement when you cut into mailing tubes because if there was, you may not cut the right sections. In addition, cutting would also be more dangerous. To keep your mailing tubes in the same position, you can secure these materials down with clamps.

The clamps will keep the mailing tubes in place so that you can cut without having to actually hold these materials yourself. Just make sure the clamps are placed on a portion of the mailing tube that you don't mind damaging because they can apply a lot of pressure. 

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to cut mailing tubes, whether it's because they're too large or you're using them in an innovative way. You'll have no trouble getting the right cutting action and results by implementing certain resources and strategies. For more information, contact a custom mailing tube supplier.


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