4 Replacement Parts You Might Need For Your Vacuum

Posted on: 1 September 2020

Do you have a high-quality vacuum cleaner that is not working as efficiently? There is a possibility that you need to get replacement parts for it, but you should never assume that you need to go out and buy a new one. Individual replacement parts can have your vacuum cleaner working like you just repurchased it. You need to know which parts you might need and why.

The Belt

Your vacuum will likely have a belt inside of it. The belt serves an essential purpose. It turns with the help of the motor to provide the suction needed to remove dirt from the floors. If you have a damaged belt, your vacuum is not going to remove dirt nearly as quick or as good as it did when you first brought it home. Instead of spending hundreds on a new vacuum, you might be able to get a replacement belt for less than $10. It is normal to need to replace the belt from time to time because of the usual wear and tear.

The Filter

There is a filter inside your vacuum that will quickly get dirty when you use the appliance often for cleaning. You will need to remove the filter and clean it off to get rid of the accumulation of dirt and dust. If you do not clean the filter often enough, it eventually needs to get replaced., otherwise the vacuum will fail to do its job when you are trying to get your floors to look spotless.

The Motor

Your vacuum works because of a motor inside of it. If you are having issues with the appliance, you might have a motor problem. Sometimes it is as simple as following the troubleshooting directions in the manual that came with your vacuum. However, if that does not work, you might need to purchase a replacement motor and then install it yourself or have an expert do it for you.

The Hose

If you have a vacuum with a hose and you notice there is some damage to it, you need to get it replaced. A hose can end up damaged if your pets have chewed on it or if someone accidentally dropped the vacuum, causing the hose to land in a position that made it break.

These four parts are some of the many components of most vacuum cleaners. If something is wrong with them, you can always purchase replacements and install those replacements to get your vacuum cleaner to work correctly again. Look for parts that are made for your vacuum like Hoover vacuum parts


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