3 Useful Accessories To Add To Your Food Truck's Deep Fryer

Posted on: 25 June 2020

When you research suitable deep fryers for your food truck, it's a good idea to look at accessories at the same time. If you buy the right gear, you'll get a better frying experience when you're out on the road.

Which accessories are most useful?

1. Splash Guards

If you'll cook with an open fryer, then you should look to add splash guards to your order. These guards are usually steel sheets that sit at one or both sides of the fryer. They give you a couple of useful advantages.

If your dryer will sit next to other cooking equipment like a range or griddle, then a splash guard creates a protective safety barrier between the two pieces of equipment. It will stop hot oil splashing out of the fryer and landing somewhere where it could flare up or catch fire.

This should also make your cleaning work a lot easier. The guard will catch grease and oil drips and stop them from spreading all over nearby preparation and cooking surfaces. All you have to worry about is periodically cleaning down the guard.

2. Covers

Open fryers give you a problem when you close your truck down and drive away. If you leave oil in the fryers, then there is a risk that it will splash out. You might be a careful driver but there will be times when you might have to make a hard turn or step on the brakes suddenly to react to other vehicles.

Also, if you don't cover your oil when you aren't using your food truck, then it might get contaminated. Bugs, dust and dirt could fall into it.

So, it's worth investing in some covers when you buy a fryer. You can use these to contain the oil when you're on the road. They also help keep it clean.

3. Food Trays

If your food truck is popular, then you'll have a steady stream of people at busy times. If you're working with a single fryer, then you might not be able to cook as quickly as you'd like. People might not be prepared to wait if the line is too long and you can't fill orders quickly.

Food holding trays and warmers are useful accessories here. They allow you to cook some food in advance and to keep it warm. For example, you could use a warmer tray to hold a few portions of popular items, like fries, so you can work more quickly.

To find out more about these and other useful deep fryer accessories, contact concession trailer equipment suppliers. You could also visit websites like CS Techs Inc to try and learn more, too.


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