Laura Renee Maier Wild Woman – Are You A Wild Woman, Too?

Posted on: 8 June 2020

Laura Renee Maier believes that art shouldn't have boundaries. She and many others are working to break those boundaries by working with other artists from around the world to embrace diversity and display solidarity with women and artists from other countries, other cultures, and more. As a result, the Wild Woman Collection was born.

For Laura Renee Maier, Wild Woman refers to a collaboration between Maier and designer Myriam Marcela set to debut at New York Fashion Week in September 2020. The goal of this collaboration is to inspire women around the world to not only recognize the feminine archetype but to embrace it as well.

Read on to learn more about this collection, the creators, and the message it intends to share. 

1. The Laura Renee Maier Wild Woman Auction

In addition to the pieces set to debut at Fashion Week, some pieces will be auctioned off to raise awareness and funds for Fondo Semillas (Mexican Society for Women's Rights). This is in partnership with the Global Fund for Women and supports some of the driving principles behind the Wild Woman's cause of promoting the empowerment of women through art and philanthropy.

By taking the message to a "couture" audience through high-fashion, luxury clothing, this collection can share the message of those who have no voice with women around the world who wield power, who have found their voices, and who can embrace their inner Wild Woman to help others in parts of the world who are impoverished, marginalized, and remain powerless.

2. Are You a Wild Woman, Too?

You don't have to have the eye of an artist to appreciate the collection Maire and Marcela have put together. You don't even have to appreciate couture clothing or attend Fashion Week in New York to be a Wild Woman and embrace the philosophy of empowering other women. You don't even have to cross the borders of any country. There are plenty of women at home who need to embrace their femininity and the power it provides them. They need to begin to believe in their power once again.

Hopefully, those who get to see the Laura Renee Maier Wild Woman collection will understand how women closer to home can lift one another in large and small ways every day. If you're interested in viewing the Laura Renee Maier Wild Woman collection, consider checking online for further details on admission. 


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