A Look At The Most Common Issues With An Apartment Building Trash Chute

Posted on: 29 May 2020

In buildings with multiple floors, forcing everyone to carry their trash out into hallways and down stairways or elevators is just not feasible. The trash chute allows for all apartment dwellers to carry their trash bags to a certain point so it can be automatically guided into a dumpster or receptacle at the bottom of the building through a chute system. While this trash chute can be one of the most convenient implements in an apartment building, these implements can occasionally have issues that require repair. Here is a brief look at some of the most common problems with apartment trash chutes and how they are repaired.

One of the trash chute doors will not close or open smoothly. 

Most apartment buildings will have a trash chute access point on every floor. Since the doors are the main point of contact with people and constantly opened and closed, they do frequently fall into disrepair. Most of the time, the issue will stem from a problem with a hinge or handle, neither of which are major problems; the hinge or handle can simply be replaced. If the door is broken or jammed, the door itself may have to be replaced. 

Trash is getting caught somewhere within the chute before reaching the end.

Perhaps the most common reason an apartment building owner has to call for trash chute system repair is because the trash keeps getting caught inside the chutes. The chute system of a trash chute is usually a smooth metal that is designed to allow bags to slide freely down due to gravity. Therefore, if bags are getting caught, it could be a sign that the smooth metal of the chute has somehow been compromised. For example, there could be buildup or debris caught at one point of the chute system or there could be an area where something heavy has dented or misshapen the chute. These issues can require a section of the chute to be repaired or replaced. 

The outlet door is getting caught and not allowing trash bags through at the dumpster. 

The outlet door of the trash chute system should automatically swing open as a bag moves through and then spring back closed automatically. This spring-action function is possible due to springs on the door hinges, and these springs can get damaged over the years. Usually, if the doors are getting stuck shut, the sprung hinges will have to be replaced. 

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