Answering Services Could Help Personal Trainers Draw In More New Clients

Posted on: 28 May 2019

Letting voicemail record a missed call might be fine for most instances in your personal life, but business is another matter. Small business owners may run into trouble when unable to pick up a customer's call. Don't worry about not being able to pick up the phone at all times because a 24/7 phone answering service can. The right answering service can also help with answering unique questions a curious caller might present. Personal trainers affiliated with boutique gyms could benefit significantly from an educated assist. 

Covering Some Basics with Would-Be Clients

Someone who never worked with a personal trainer may have specific questions he/she prefers answered as quickly as possible. Often, the potential client may be nervous about working with a trainer. A quick discussion with a personal trainer could put some concerns at ease. When the trainer isn't immediately available, the answering service could pick up some slack in the following ways:

  • Mentioning Program Examples: A caller may wonder what type of workouts a trainer will put them through. Sometimes, they ask because they aren't sure if they are physically up to the sessions. Presenting the answering service with examples of basic programs based on common client goals allows the representative to give the caller decent answers. With a better picture painted in his/her head, the client may feel comfortable about the sessions.
  • Addressing Side Questions: A client may have several questions related to fitness and getting in shape. Callers may ask about changes in diet or even the type of clothes to wear to the sessions. The answering service can provide an appropriate response in these situations, one that doesn't directly answer anything but sets up another call with the trainer. The rep could write down the caller's questions and forward them to the trainer. During the follow-up call, the trainer could respond to the caller. Responding to the questions may cast the trainer in a positive light.   
  • Collecting Contact Info for Promotional Material: The representative can request an email address so the trainer could send out promotional materials related to sessions. In a way, the answering service helps build up an email list for marketing items that can better sell the caller on signing up for session packages.

A standard voicemail can't do any of these things. Personal trainers who wish to attract more new clients should consider these and other benefits a phone answering service delivers.


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