Here's How Your Practice Could Benefit From A Medical Answering Service

Posted on: 14 May 2019

If you have a growing practice and it seems like your receptionist is always picking up the phone, you might benefit from a service that offers medical phone call answering. A medical answering service can, in fact, provide a number of benefits that will help your bottom line and your relationship with your patients. Here's why you might want to look into such a service today.

Improve the Patient Relationship with After-Hour Phone Service

When you have a medical phone call answering service working for you, you can provide each of your patients with a phone number that someone will answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your patients will be able to get basic medical advice when they call outside of your normal business hours. If the patient does have an emergency, you can have the medical answering service contact you. Being able to get the help they need any time they need it will likely lead to better patient satisfaction and hopefully a long-term relationship between the patient and your practice.

Save Time

A medical answering service can also prove beneficial to your business even during normal operating hours. Every day, your receptionist likely deals with a deluge of incoming phone calls from patients describing all matter of situations. It could take your receptionist or other members of your medical team a lot of time to sort out who requires urgent care and who can wait. But if you have a medical answering service, you can inform the patient that the service should be used for basic questions or mild illnesses like the common cold. This will free up your medical team to be able to focus on the most critical cases, saving everyone time and leading to a more efficient operation overall.

Save on Labor Costs

If you have more than one office, you might also have more than one receptionist. If you know you need more manpower but don't want to add another full-time job to the payroll, a medical answering service could be a viable alternative. The service essentially does many of the same duties a receptionist would do. What's more is that you likely only have to pay for the time that the service was actively working for you, as opposed to paying a receptionist from 9 to 5 regardless of whether there is an incoming call or not.

Contact a medical phone call answering service today for more information.


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