Provide A Calm, Private, And Non-Threatening Environment For Your Clients

Posted on: 16 March 2019

People who have dealt with trauma or confidence issues throughout their lives may be somewhat skeptical about meeting with a therapist for a one-on-one session. Privacy is paramount and your clients need to know that their best interests will be kept in check at all times. Use some basic strategies to implement a calm, private setting that will reassure your customers.

Set Up The Waiting Area

If your private practice is in your home or a commercial office building, you need to choose a spot that will be used for the reception/waiting area. It is ideal to have your receptionist stationed in a corner and to use dim lighting, fountains, and other calming aesthetics to promote a sense of well-being.

Have your receptionist prepare paperwork before each appointment so that when clients enter, they can grab a clipboard with the appropriate forms and seat themselves prior to filling in the information that is necessary. Stagger your appointments so that nobody will be waiting for a long time and to prevent an influx of customers, which could result in the waiting area becoming overcrowded and uncomfortable. 

Create A Cozy Setting

Offer plenty of plush furnishings inside of your office so that your clients can choose the one that they would like to sit on. A recliner or couch are two types of furniture that you can incorporate in the seating ensemble so that your patrons can lie back if they would prefer to. Furniture that can be used for reclining will also promote a calm aura during sessions that involve listening to therapeutic voice or musical recordings.

Remember that each of your patrons is an individual and everyone is not going to respond to your prompts or external stimuli in the same manner. Some people may take longer to grow accustomed to attending counseling sessions and this shouldn't deter you from trying to help these people overcome the boundaries that have been hindering them in their daily lives.

Let newcomers know that you do not intend to force them to speak against their will and that you will merely be asking some questions that may prompt them to respond.

Use writing tablets, picture books, or other props as aids that your clients can use to express themselves if they don't feel like vocalizing.Try to make each session as discreet and relaxing as possible and let your patrons know that whatever they say while in your presence will remain private at all times. 

For more information about starting a therapy private practice, reach out to a company in your area that can provide professional assistance.


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