Three Characteristics Professional Jewelers Look For In Cufflinks

Posted on: 13 March 2019

Whether you're buying a pair of cufflinks to go with a new suit or you're giving this men's clothing accessory as a gift, you have a few options about where to shop. Your first instinct might be to browse the selection at your local men's clothing store. You should also give some consideration to what your local jewelry store might have in stock — especially if you're looking for cufflinks that are a little higher end. Lots of jewelry stores have wide selections of upscale cufflinks that may be exactly what you're looking for. Here are three characteristics you should look for that jewelry buying companies consider when purchasing cufflinks.


Cheap cufflinks might initially look fine, but their lightness can be revealing. Often, inexpensive cufflinks are made from aluminum or even plastic, which likely isn't what you want for yourself or for someone else. Higher-end cufflinks, including those that you'd find at your local jewelry store, are heavier because they're made from different metals, including stainless steel, silver, and more. The weight feels good when the cufflinks are in place in your cuffs.


When you spend a little more on cufflinks from a jewelry store, you'll get cufflinks with high-quality mechanisms. Commonly, this means that the moving mechanism on each cufflink that allows you to open and close it will click into the open or closed position. When clicked closed, you'll know that the cufflinks will remain in place. Cheaper cufflinks' mechanisms slide back and forth but don't commonly click into place. This means that the mechanism can work its way from the closed position to the open position without you noticing, potentially allowing the cufflink to slip out and fall to the ground where it could be lost.

Engraving Potential

Many jewelry stores can offer engraving services on site, which means that you have the option of getting your cufflinks engraved. If you're giving them as a gift, you might wish to get a couple of words or the date engraved on the underside of the cufflinks. There are other options to consider if you're buying them for yourself, too. For example, some high-end cufflinks have blank faces, which allow you to engrave whatever you wish, space permitting. A common idea is to engrave your initials — either your first and last initials on each, or your first initial on one cufflink and your last initial on the other.


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