5 Reasons A Memory Foam Mattress Is Great For Your Guest Bedroom

Posted on: 11 March 2019

When you outfit the guest bedroom in your home, you have one primary agenda — to create a space that is comfortable for your guests. The addition of a memory foam mattress to the room is an excellent choice, and for many great reasons.

1. Dust

Some mattresses are collection zones for dust mites, because of their inner design. Memory foam is different. Memory foam spans the entire inner surface of a mattress, which means there is no space for mites to settle and thrive. As a result, you won't have to spend extra time cleaning the bed when you have guests on the way. 

2. Lifespan

The guestroom is not a room that you want to have to invest money in over and over. For this reason, a memory foam mattress is an excellent addition to the space because it is such a long-lasting option. In fact, when you couple the durable design of these mattresses with the fact that the mattress won't get as much wear, your guests can continue to enjoy the bed for years to come. 

3. Sleeping Positions

Not everyone sleeps the same. You might have an aunt that's a side sleeper and your sister might be back sleeper; memory foam can solve these problems. Memory foam mattresses are unique because they can provide a comfortable sleeping experience no matter the position. So, no matter the sleeping style, your guests will rest well at night. 

4. Allergens

In addition to dust, some other mattresses are designed with other allergy-inducing materials that can lead to a night full of sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and in some instances, a skin reaction. Memory foam mattresses are designed from hypoallergenic materials to eliminate this concern. Even if you don't know if anyone you know has an allergy, this mattress is still a great addition. 

5. Motion Transfer

When you have a large family gathering, you might have multiple guests in your home, and as a result, your family might need to double in your guest bedroom. While not the most ideal situation, at least your guests can still enjoy a good night's rest with a memory foam mattress given its great motion transfer features. With a memory foam mattress, as one person in the bed tosses about, the person on the other side of the bed can rest undisturbed. 

From the guest bedroom and beyond, a memory foam mattress is an awesome addition to your home. 


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