Is Your Well Running Dry?

Posted on: 9 March 2019

Water is probably the most used element in your home. From the bathroom to the laundry room to your lawn, you use water regularly, and a lot of it. For houses with a water well, access to water is not unlimited. When the well literally runs dry, your access to water could cease. Rather than run out of water, it's a good idea for all water well owners to have a general idea of the signs that typically indicate your well is reaching the end of its life. 

Warning Signs

Here are some of the signs that indicate your well might be running out of water:

Water Pressure

A significant change in the amount of pressure you receive from your faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures isn't a good sign. The pump inside the well can only take in water that is available for access. If the pump is not fully submerged, the pump will have reduced water intake, and you'll experience less pressure. 


An increase in contaminants in your water is another red flag. At the base of most wells is a collection of sediment. As the water table lowers and the well pump gets closer to this sediment, the pump will start to suction some of it up, and it will eventually flow into your home. 

Correcting the Problem

Fortunately, if your well is running dry, you do have a few options available to resolve the issue. 

New Well

One way to resolve this issue is to drill a new well. A water well drilling contractor can decommission the existing well and construct a new well on your property. However, you will need plenty of available space on your property to do so. Keep in mind that although you have an existing well on the property, you will need to obtain new permitting for a new well. 

Deeper Well

If your existing well is not very deep, you might be able to have the well dug deeper. As part of this process, the depth of your well is decreased in an effort to reach an additional water source. Some testing is generally recommended with this process to ensure there is an additional water source beneath the well. Sometimes this process involves the use of a technique called hydrofracturing, which can also help widen the well. 

Whether you recognize some of these red flags or you just have general questions about the longevity of your well, speak with a drilling contractor to have your well assessed. 


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