Why It's Important To Track Your Company's Printing

Posted on: 7 March 2019

A lot of companies do not track their printing, and your company might not do this, either. Since it's pretty common for business owners not to pay too much attention to their printing, then you might not be too concerned about it either. However, it is essential to track your company's printing for the following reasons.

Your Company Could Be Spending Much More on Printing Than is Necessary

For one thing, printing is a bigger cost to many businesses than people realize. Printer paper and other printing supplies might not seem very expensive, but if your company is using a lot of them, then the cost could be more significant than you think. If you carefully track your company's printing, you can get a better idea of how much your business is spending on printing each month, and if necessary, you can make changes to reduce these costs.

Your Business Might Have a Bigger Environmental Impact Than You Realize

Even though you might feel like your business is generally pretty environmentally friendly, there could be ways that your company could improve and reduce its environmental impact. For example, you might not be aware of just how much paper is being used — and potentially wasted — within your business right now if you aren't carefully tracking your printing. Once you start tracking your company's printing, though, you might see that it's time to make some changes for the sake of the environment.

You Could Run Out of Printing Supplies at a Bad Time

Lastly, if you are not aware of how much you and your employees are printing, then you probably are not aware of how many supplies you use. This can make it difficult for you to place orders for ink, toner, paper, and other printing supplies. If you aren't careful about placing your orders, you could end up running out of printing supplies at a bad time, leaving your business struggling to get through the workday without the necessary supplies. If you are carefully tracking your company's printing, however, you will have a better idea of what supplies you should purchase and what quantities you should purchase them in so that your business will not run out.

If you think that it's going to be a challenge to track your company's printing yourself, consider using a managed printing service. Managed printing services work with business owners like you to help them track and take care of their printing needs, making printing easier than ever for your company. Reach out to a business like Industry Analysts, Inc. to learn more.


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